Savory Delights: Exploring the World of Namkeen

Ever tried counting the stars ? They are so many ! The variety of Namkeens offered by us are equally so many. Ok, that might be an exaggeration but we made our point. The tricky business in Namkeens is that, there is no single common favorite. Each one loves his own type of Namkeen. Someone is fan of Sev, someone is in love with Papdi. That’s the reason we offer huge varieties of Namkeens. Let it be the mixture chiwda or Bhakarwadi, Papdi or Boondi, Dry fruit chiwda or what not, the list of our Namkeens is quite long. Try not to swim in the vast variety of options offered by Dhokla House but at the same time we wish you try as many Namkeens as you can.

Allow your taste buds to have the honeymoon they deserve !

Call it Snacks or call it Namkeens or call it Chakana, we won’t disappoint you in respect of any of your wishlist. Each Namkeen is made afresh and stored in a manner that it does not loose its crisp. We believe that in case of Namkeen, the crispness holds the importance equal to what is purity in gold. Right from the taste and texture to storage, we have paid special attention to enhance your overall taste experience and blocked all the possible ways through which the freshness would escape from the delicacy.

Taste the Namkeens offered by Dhokla House to get high in the taste and still be sober !

Visit the Honeymoon destination for your taste buds – Dhokla House !

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